Striking Lip Colour Tattoo

Any colour is available for our lip blush service

Eyeliner Enhancement Goals

Top and bottom eyeliner to enhance your eyes

Dark Lip Neutralisation

Perfect lip blush for darker pigmented lips

Unbelievable Brows

Brows that make all the difference

Stunning New Lips

Lip augmentation in action

Lip Filler Transformation

Enhancing the natural lip shape

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Remove fine lines

Beautiful Brows

Looking great feeling great

Beauty Goal

Wake up with perfect brows 24/7.

Colour Expectations

Colour selected will heal a lighter shade from what you see directly after treatment.

Eyeliner SPMU

Work ready makeup

Bold and Beautiful

Lashes lengthened and curled 24/7.

Bespoke Design

Your eyebrows will be redrawn until you’re completely happy with the shape.

Enhance with Eyeliner

Beautiful semi-permanent eyeliner lasting for months.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Younger looking skin.

Appointment and Follow Ups

After the initial appointment, one or two retouch appointment could be required.

Strong and Bold

Typically, to appear bolder, the brow is made to look darker at the arch.

Full and Shapely

Well defined and bold brows.

Your Dream Lips

Get the lips you have always dreamed of.

Subtle Ombré

Ombré is a beautiful process for blending colour to enhance your look.

Based on Your Design

Wake up with perfect brows 24/7!

Brow Transformation

Creating pretty natural results.

Beautiful New Brows

Highlights bone structure of the whole face.

Long Lashes

Lashes that look longer and lovelier with extra volume.

Natural Hair Stroke Brows

Light shading to blend in the fronts.

Full Consultation

Shading can also be added over the hair strokes for a combination brow.

No more Mascara

Beautiful effort free eye makeup.

Subtle Lash Line Enhancement

Eyeliner can be subtle or more pronounced to suit your needs.

Beautiful Results

We will complete the design that you want.

Fuller Brows

Any style - Ombré, Powder or hair stroke!

Correction of Lip Asymmetry

Our artists will work with you to create your perfect lips for your face shape

Improved Style

Results last 2-3 years from trained & insured technician with 5 star reviews.

Your Choice

The finished look happens 6 weeks after your retouch appointment.

Beautiful Shape

Your brows will fade 30-40% and shrink slightly on healing. Any warm tones will also cool down.

Volumised Finish

Lips have more volume and a reduction in lines

Create Structure

Not everyone wants a bold brow, any style is available.

Eyes that Twinkle

Let us take the struggle away from morning meetings. Mascara perfect morning eyes.


We work hard as we want you to be happy with the results.

Makeup made Easy

We discuss your style and preference in detail during consultation so we get what YOU want

Increase Lip Definition

Working with your natural shape to craft a beautiful look

Helping to Fix Bad Brows

Removal is preferred first if brows are too saturated. We can help correct faded or substandard work

Defined Shape

Bespoke brows in any style to suit you.

Alluring Lips

Make your lips fuller and moisturised

Soft Powder Brow

Creating a subtle look for those who have hair but fill in areas with makeup.

Saving you Time

Helping people who want naturally fuller looking brows and are fed up of drawing them on every day.

Natural and Combo

Using a digital machine to create natural looking hair strokes or strokes with shading for a fuller

Non Surgical Transformation

Only 0.5ml was needed to create this beautiful shape. Sometimes less is more.

Full Lip Colour

Stunning new lip colour to make lips pop

Bold and Beautiful

Lashes lengthened and curled 24/7

Lip Augmentation

Focused on the vermillion border to sculpt and shape without adding too much size.

Luscious Red Lips

Smudge proof makeup with results usually lasting 6-8 weeks

Stunning Transformation

Plump youthful lips

Beautiful Brow Transformation

Working with you to create your perfect brows together.