Eyeliner SPMU

Enhance your eyes without the need for eyeliner makeup. Saving time and energy in the morning.

At the Appointment

Beautifully Framed Eyes

Our cosmetic tattoo artist will work with you to design your perfect eyeliner. This can be a subtle lash enhancement to a delicate winged look. Once the design is ready, we will draw it on and continue to tweak it until you love what you see. Only when you are happy with the look will we apply the semi permanent makeup to the treatment area. A digital machine is used to implant the pigment, this is our preferred method for longer lasting results.

Do keep 2-3 hours aside for your treatment as we want to spend as long as you need in designing your perfect eyeliner. We have experience in face shapes and skin types that our technicians call on when designing your new look. Please remember your new eyeliner is a two part process meaning you'll need to return in 6-8 weeks for the final retouch appointment. Here we can make any final adjustments and finish the look. Results will last up to 3 years.

<h3>At the Appointment</h3>

Work ready makeup


Beautiful semi-permanent eyeliner lasting for months.


How to care for your new look

Your new semi permanent eyeliner needs to be looked after for up to 2 weeks following your appointment. Your commitment to aftercare will give the best results. We advice you not to touch, scratch or rub it for 2 weeks. You can use a cotton bud to gently clean with water. Try to avoid direct sunlight for this time. For 7 days avoid the gym and saunas. Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor 2 to 3 times a day after your treatment, but do no wear makeup or face cream near the treatment area for 7 days. Sleep on a clean pillow case and wear glasses instead of contact lenses for 2 weeks post treatment.